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Famitsu's Readers Select the Top Stories of 2011

Famitsu.com's access rank list differs greatly from the list of top stories selected by its readers. (Shown here: Senran Kagura)

Here's what Famitsu's readers thought were the biggest video game stories of 2011. Actually, scratch that. Here's what Famitsu.com's readers thought were the biggest video game stories of 2011.

The site polled its readers over the week of December 13 through December 19, asking them to select the biggest stories from the site news archive. The results of the poll were published this week in Famitsu.

And here they are, listed the date the story was published:

  • 1. Nintendo 3DS price drop (8/11)
  • 2. PSN account leak (4/27)
  • 3. Monster Hunter 3 surprise announcement for 3DS (9/13)
  • 4. Wii U announcement (6/8)
  • 5. Dragon Quest new title details announced (9/5)
  • 6. Nintendo 3DS first week sales (2/28)
  • 7. PS Vita launch (12/17)
  • 8. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ships 4 million domestically (1/5)
  • 9. Sony details new NGP hardware (1/27)
  • 10. Monster Hunter 3G release date set. Circle Pad bundle also announced (9/13)

Those are the stories Famitsu.com's readers selected over the voting period. Here are Famitsu.com's most accessed stories for the year:

  • 1. PlayStation Meeting 2011 Live Blog
  • 2. Monster Hunter series set for iPhone release
  • 3. Super Robot Wars appears on PS3 -- 2nd Super Robot Wars OG
  • 4. Monster Hunter 3rd HD set for release
  • 5. Keiyaku Mahou Shojo available on GREE
  • 6. Monster Hunter 4 announced for 3DS
  • 7. Persona 4 The Golden appears on PlayStation Vita
  • 8. First installment of feature about G Generation series
  • 9. Super Danganronpa 2 announcement article
  • 10. Senran Kagura announcement article

Famitsu.com also polled readers on a few other topics:

In the category of game company that left the greatest impression, Nintendo came in first followed by Sony, then Capcom.

In the category of person that left the greatest impression, Shigeru Miyamoto came in first followed by Akihiro Hino then Ryozo Tsujimoto.

In the category of commercial that left the greatest impression, Mario Kart 7 came in first (presumably because of the Arashi guest appearances) followed by Zelda Skyward Sword, then the Indiana Jones Uncharted 3 spots.

Beaten by Arashi!

[Via Sokuho]

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