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Cave Development Head Hints at Multiplatform Support

Makoto Asada critical of Microsoft's first party Japanese output.

Asada recently released his first adventure game, Instant Brain for Xbox 360.

If you're in that small group at the intersection of Xbox 360 owner and shoot-em-up fan, there's no need to panic. Shoot-em-up master Cave is still planning on supporting Xbox 360. However, the company may at long last be opening up to other platforms.

In an interview with Dengeki, Cave head of development Makoto Asada was asked what Cave plans on releasing next now that with Instant Brain it has released all the games that it announced earlier this year. Asada responded that Cave still plans on releasing Xbox 360 titles. The company has a number of 360 games in development, he said, and of these, one will be revealed around New Years or so.

Xbox 360 owners may no longer have Asada all to themselves, though. Asada also said that while his titles have thus far all been for Xbox 360, looking at the current state of the market one must also consider developments on other platforms as well.

"Other platforms" includes not just home game systems, but smart phones too. He believes that it's important to expand the user base as much as possible on a variety of platforms.

Asada did not say specifically if any of the Xbox 360 titles he alluded to will also be coming to another platform. However, with one of those titles due to be unveiled early in the New Year, we'll have to be on the lookout for additional platforms listed next to the Xbox 360 logo.

Nin-2 Jump and Akai Katana Shin, two Xbox 360 titles that Cave announced at an Akihabara press conference earlier this year.

Elsewhere in the interview, Asada was a bit critical of Microsoft Japan's handling of the Xbox 360. Microsoft Japan has not had a major first party release since 2007's Lost Odyssey, Asada noted. He wanted to see more first party output from MS.

Asada feels that 2009, when Cave joined Xbox 360 with Death Smiles, was the biggest year for the 360 in Japan.

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