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Tomonobu Itagaki VS Katsuhiro Harada: The Kampai


Famitsu.com has posted a transcript of the Tomonobu Itagaki x Katsuhiro Harada dialogue that appeared in last month's Famitsu Xbox 360.

You won't ind any pics of the Dead or Alive and Tekken creators wrestling. But you will find a pic of them sharing a friendly kampai.

I only skimmed a bit from the interview, mostly at the bottom. Here's some of what stood out:

Itagaki says says that he's good at taking tests. He'd almost always get perfect scores. The reason he's good at tests is because "there's an answer."

Itagaki wanted to be a planner, but it was discovered that he could program, and he was placed on the Captain Tsubasa team.

Tecmo was having serious financial problems, with three fiscal terms of being in the red. The second year after joining the company, Itagaki was called up by the company chairman, who has since passed away, and asked if he knows what being in the red for three terms means. "Death," the chairman answered himself. The chairman asked Itagaki to make a driving game or a fighting game and defeat Sega.

They decided to make a fighting game and asked Sega to lend them an arcade board. Itagaki had been hoping to get a Model 3 board, but instead received a Model 2.

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