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Erotic 3DS Ninja Action Game Senran Kagura May Cross 80,000 Sales Mark


Massive breast producer Kenichiro Takagi made a post at the Senran Kagura official blog today. Today was the last day of business for 2011 at Marvelous AQL, and Takagi decided to brief us on some good sales news for Senran Kagura.

The erotic 3DS ninja action game has a good chance of crossing the 80,000 mark in actual sales before the end of the year, Takagi revealed. He views this as a good sales result, considering that the game is completely original.

We'll be hearing more about Senran Kagura soon. Joining the game's comic, which is currently in serialization, Takagi said that they're preparing a variety of other things.

In other Senran Kagura news, fans will find a special "3D breast poster" in the February issue of ComicREX. The actual poster is drawn by character designer Nan Yaegashi, but if you want an idea of what you'll get, here's the rough sketch Takagi himself drew.

In a previous post, Takagi shared these Christmas wallpapers (although he shared them a few days after Christmas!)

Takagi noted that the girls' behinds must be cold, and said that you must help keep them warm.

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