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Mugen Souls Has Character Designs From Keiji Inafune


In case you've forgotten, Mugen Souls is the Compile Heart PS3 title that's being produced by New Keiji Inafune. New Keiji Inafune is unrelated Keiji Inafune, the former head of development at Capcom, who's now making games about Sengoku era penguin pirates and adorable mad scientists who can cut your meat at a Korean restaurant.

Today, we learned that the ex-Capcom Keiji Inafune is actually contributing to Mugen Souls' development. A listing at HMV says that Inafune will be participating as a guest character designer.

The game's full character designer is Ryoji, whose past character design work includes Marl Kingdom and La Pucelle: Tactics. The game also has "erotic" themed art from the erotic art master, Katsuyuki Hirano (Agarest Senki series).

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