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Happy New Years! Or, Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu, which is Japanese for... Happy New Years!

In 2012, Andriasang.com will strive to be your top source for the latest on video game panties, which are in many ways better than real panties.

Leading off our panty coverage for the year of the dragon, take a look at the POPs Akihabara Sofmap is using to promote the PlayStation 3 version of Gal Gun.

Sofmap is promoting the game's high panty count. Publisher Alchemist says that the game has 423 unique designs (despite having only around 70 girls!)

It's unclear if this is an official Alchemist-sanctioned promotion or if the retailer was acting on its own... although the posters do give specific names to the various panties. Whatever, the case, Alchemist probably would sanction this promotion given their recent marketing for the game.

See Akibaos for more pics showing why you shouldn't take grandma to Akihabara.

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