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Harvest Moon 3DS: More Spouse Candidates

Plus, a glimpse at some of the locations where you and your spouse can validate your marriage.


Marvelous has thus far introduced us to six spouse candidates for 3DS Harvest Moon game Harvest Moon: Hajimari no Daichi (no, we haven't actually passed along the details on any of them, but trust us -- they've introduced six so far). Today, the competition heated up with two more spouses, one wife candidate and one husband candidate.

The wife candidate is Tina, an energetic girl who delivers newspapers. The husband candidate is Celuca, a well mannered butler.

The latest batch of screens Marvelous released today also show the game's travel component. You're free to take your family, or just your spouse if this is a honeymoon, on trips outside your home town, traveling to such areas as tropical islands, the snowy north, and ruins.

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