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Resident Evil Strategy Guide and Soundtrack CD Set for Release


Capcom has a couple of companion product on the way for Resident Evil Revelations buyers.

Simultaneous with the game on January 26 comes the "Resident Evil Revelations Navigation and Art" book, priced ¥1,365. This 192 page B5 book includes strategies for campaign mode, complete with maps showing item and creature positions. The guide also covers the two player RAID mode and the growth component. Fans can also look forward to lots of artwork form the game's development.

Trailing the game a bit on February 22 is the "Resident Evil Revelations Original Soundtrack," priced ¥3,990. this two disc soundtrack includes 66 tracks from the game The first print run includes a bonus third disc with the Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D soundtrack and a special sleeve case.

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