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Nippon Ichi PS3 RPG The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers Set For June


From Dengeki this week comes a final release date for Nippon Ichi's original PS3 RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers. Previously announced for Spring release, the game's date has been finalized for early summer, specifically June 28.

Dengeki also has a full preview for the game, complete with new characters and gameplay details.

It looks like you'll be able to select from ten weapon types, equipping them to your undead knight warrior in five slots. The game also has a gambling area where you can play fishing, dice and other mini games.

As previously detailed, the game's main character isn't the knight who appears on the screen. You're actually playing as Metallica, a witch who calls upon the soldier, and his 99 comrades when needed, to do battle.

Metallica can also enslave enemies, although we're not sure how they're used at present. Other uses for enemies include recovering your knight's stamina by eating them alive.

With all these details appearing in Dengeki, we'll hopefully get a new online look at the game later in the week.

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