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Gakken's Earthpedia was one of the earliest announced 3DS titles, but we've heard nothing about it outside of its name. Until now, that is. The publisher kicked off pre-orders today and at long last told us just what the game is about.

Earthpedia is an edutainment title where you play as an international agent who must conduct investigations about the life and knowledge of Earth.

The game has five categories: Nature, Culture, Science & Technology, Space and Supernatural. Using your "i-Gear" to scan AR cards, you'll be able to view life forms in your hand. For its AR technology, the game uses a middleware called Qoncept AR Engine for Nintendo 3DS.

Earthpedia is due for release on April 19, priced ¥4,980. Buyers will receive a "Moon Sand Ballpoint Pen." The pen's cap has a special type of sand that was created based off analysis of moon materials brought back by the Apollo missions.

You can see a first trailer for the game here:

If you want an early chance to try out Earthpedia, you'll want to attend the game's launch ceremony. This is being held on the 26th as a collaborative event by Gakken and Gizmodo Japan. See the game's official site for details.

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