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Under Defeat HD Limited Edition Includes Dreamcast Packaging


G.Rev is celebrating Under Defeat's roots as a Naomi and Dreamcast shooter with special packaging bearing that familiar white swirl and orange background.

You won't actually find this packaging, a recreation of the Dreamcast version's box, on retail shelves, though. It's being used as the internal packaging for the bonus discs that are included with the game's limited edition. The actual art for the limited edition box is free of Dreamcast logos.

Priced ¥8,379, the limited edition includes two bonus discs: "Insanity DVD Under Defeat" and "New Order Soundtrack CD." The former includes super play footage from Team Entertainment's "Insanity DVD The Solider of Fortune Under Defeat" DVD. The latter includes Under Defeat music from Mamoru-kun composer Yousuke Yasui.

If you don't want the bonus discs or the Dreamcast box, you can pick up the standard version at ¥5,880.

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