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Hoping the new game Namco Bandai teased this week in Famitsu will end up being a new Ar Tonelico game? Too bad! It looks like the game's name may actually be "Toki to Towa."

Following the appearance of a teaser ad in this week's Famitsu promising a reveal for the game in next week's issue, some trademark sleuths discovered a filing for a "Toki to Towa." This matches the "tokitowa" in the official site url that's mentioned in the ad.

Advertisement for Toki to Towa.

In Japanese, Toki to Towa is written as "時と永遠." This can literally translate to "Time and Eternity," although for a more precise translation we may want to wait for Namco Bandai to share details on the game. Maybe it's about two people named Toki and Towa.

Far less officially, there seems to be a theory going around that the game's artwork is from Taiwanese illustrator Vofan. The theory appears to come from the resemblance of the ad's artwork to Vofan's art style.

You can see some of Vofan's work below.

Artwork from Vofan (not related to Toki to Towa)

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