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We previously detailed how you begin your Dragon Quest X play session as a human residing in the village of Etone. Today, we learned that you have special status amongst the Etone residents.

This is the village's god, "Kame-sama," or the Turtle God. The village worships the Turtle God, even though without all the lighting effects he looks like this:

You have somewhat of a special place in the village, as people refer to you as the gift from the Turtle God. Based off some of the dialogue in the screenshots Square Enix shared today, this seems to mean that you have some special power locked within you.

The girl that we introduced a couple of weeks back, Aba, is in service to the Turtle God and will deliver his messages to the villagers.

In a previous promotional video, we saw the Turtle God release a yellow light. This light leads you to a special Shrine, which starts you off on your journey.

The Turtle God and Shrine aren't the only mystical elements in Etone. Today's batch of screens also show a mysterious stone, which appears to contain some sort of hints regarding your humanity.

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