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Five Minutes of Touch Shot: Love Application

Imagine Mode, Avatar Mode and... tentacles?


The latest trailer for Compile Hearts' PS3 love sim Touch Shot: Love Application spans five full minutes and provides a look at the various features of your magic yPhone, which can read the thoughts of girls.

We previously detailed the yPhone functionality (see this story), but the trailer does mention a few new areas: Mind Bind Mode, Imagine Mode, and Avatar Mode.

By entering Mind Bind Mode, you can use the words you picked up during previous conversations to break the wall of your target's heart. The wall, or possibly the process of breaking the wall, is for some reason represented by a bunch of squirming blue tentacles.

The main character enters Imagine Mode at the end of the day. Here, he has strange visions of the day's happenings. The visions are meant to represent the main character's dream world.

In Avatar Mode, avatar versions of the heroines appear in your yPhone, and you can touch them... apparently wherever you please.

The trailer also reveals that the yPhone will be expanded with new functionality via download content.

View the full five minute clip here.

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