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Arc the Lad and Front Mission Creator Toshiro Tsuchida Unveils Dragon Ark


Early last year, Arc the Lad and Front Mission creator Toshiro Tsuchida announced that he had left Square Enix and joined social gaming giant GREE. Today we learned what he's been working on.

Famitsu.com shared first artwork for Dragon Ark, Tsuchida's new game for the GREE platform. Tsuchida is serving as producer on the game. Famitsu.com's story lists Headlock as developer.

Details on the game have yet to be announced, but in brief comments shared with Famitsu.com, Tsuchida said that the game will offer smooth action and support for four player multiplayer. The game's official site promises a blend of strategy, four player simultaneous action, and large scale group battles where players attempt to take over the content.

Dragon Ark will be released on GREE for iOS and Android phones. A release date has yet to be announced.

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