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Onechanbara Z Download Content: Afros, Sailor and Maid Outfits, Tails, and More!


You knew this was coming! D3 Publisher is shipping Onechanbara Z on Xbox 360 this week, and the skimpy download content won't be far behind. The 24th sees a variety of accessories and costumes for the game's "Dresses Up" customization component.

Here's a look at what's on offer for this first batch.

Sailor Suit

Includes white and black, priced 320MSP for the set of two.

Wolf Hair

A Kagura-exclusive hair style in a variety of colors. Priced 240MSP.

Soul Afro

Afros and cowboy hats are not as incompatible as you might have thought. Priced 240MSP.

Short Bob

A short hair style. Priced 240MSP.

Black Glasses and Red Glasses

Priced 160MSP.

Stylish Sunglasses

Priced 80MSP

Maid Katyusha

Priced 80MSP

Devil's Accessories

This four piece set is priced 240MSP.

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