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New Xbox 360 Title to be Announced in Famitsu Xbox 360

Get hype!

This image of Final Fantasy Versus XIII has nothing to do with this story.

Gentlemen, start your megatons! Famitsu Xbox 360 editor in chief Munetatsu Matsui posted a Tweet earlier today teasing the content of the March issue of Famitsu Xbox 360. According to Matsui, the magazine will have eight games in its "flash report" section. This is the section where the magazine covers games for the first time. Of these, a number are Xbox 360 exclusive, and some have already been announced (in Famitsu, etc.). He ended his Tweet with a tease: "There will also be titles that have not at this point been announced!?"

The March Famitsu Xbox 360 hits on January 30. Based off the wording of Matsui's statement (he said "at present"), it's possible that whatever is being announced will actually debut in next week's Weekly Famitsu first.

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