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Cave To Detail Two New Titles This Month

New shooting game and something else from Asada.

What type of new shooter will Asada be announcing this month? (Shown here, Akai Katana on Xbox 360).

Cave development head Makoto Asada said today at the company's official blog that he expects to be able to reveal details on two new games this month.

One of these games is the new shooter that he teased late last year.

Asada had originally expected to be able to reveal details on the games earlier, but had to make some adjustments which delayed the announcements. However, he now does expect to be able to make the announcements this month.

There's just a week left in January, so whatever Cave announces, it will have to come in either this week's Famitsu (which officially hits newsstands on the 26th) or this month's Famitsu Xbox 360 (which hits on the 30th).

Famitsu Xbox 360 editor in chief Munetatsu Matsui teased earlier today that there would be a title or titles that have not at present been announced in Famitsu Xbox 360. In the blog post teasing the new announcements, Asada said that he was about to have a meeting with Matsui.

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