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Strategy Game Sengoku Tactics Hits DSi Ware This Week

Take control of the descendants of Sengoku era heroes in the year 20XX.


Yes, people are still releasing DSi Ware downloadable games. Due this week from AMZY is Sengoku Tactics, a real time strategy game.

Set in the year 202XX, you take control of the descendants of famous Sengoku era heroes like Tokugawa and Nobunaga. Gameplay consists of ordering your units around on the battle field via the stylus, unleashing special attacks on your foes, and stealing resources. You can also customize your army with weapons and other items.

While Sengoku Tactics is single player, you and your friends can face off against one-another by exchanging codes that recreate your army.

Take a look at a gameplay trailer here:

You'll find additional gameplay videos at the official site.

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