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Xbox 360 Owners Get Special Bonus For Playing PS3 Gal Gun


The announcement of a PS3 version of Gal Gun was like a pheromone shot to the gut for Xbox 360 owners who'd bought the original. Add in the Move support, and it was like a pheromone shot to the gut while in Doki Doki Carnival Mode... also a PS3 exclusive feature.

Alchemist will be making amends at an upcoming series of demo event for the PS3 version. Bring in your copy of the Xbox 360 version, and you'll get one of these Patako, Ekoro and Kaname bookmarks.

The bookmarks list the girls' three sizes.

These are different from the bookmarks that are included with the PS3 Gal Gun as a pre-order bonus, so owners of the Xbox 360 version do get a bonus all to themselves (although a Kinect patch would have been neat too).

Visit the official site for an event schedule.

Joining the demo event info, we uploaded the latest set of screenshots for the game. These show Doki Doki Carnival mode, which tells the after story of the game's story mode and features Patako and her apprentice angel, newcomer character Ekoro. The gameplay in this mode is all Doki Doki Mode, which you'll recall from the original as the special attack mode where you face off against the girls in one-on-one battles, only now you'll face off against eight girls simultaneously. Clear certain conditions, and you'll even get Patako and Ekoro in Doki Doki Mode, which is the ultimate doki doki.

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