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PlayStation Vita Samurai & Dragons is Free to Play


The cost of admission to Sega's downloadable PlayStation Vita simulation game Samurai & Dragons is as low as it gets: free. Famitsu reports this week that Sega will be using an item transaction system for the game, meaning the cost to make the download and get started will be zero.

Sega will also release a package version of the game. Called the "Deluxe Package," this will include four 100CP tickets (CP is the in-game currency), 4 CP discount tickets, 4 general tickets, 4 extra tickets, and 4 friend tickets.

The download version will be released first, on March 29. The package version will be released on April 26.

Sega will be holding a closed beta test for the game. You'll be able to put your name down for the test at PlayStation Store tomorrow (1/26)

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