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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Eaters and Reality Shift

Latest gameplay details to go along with the screens from earlier.


The big batch of Kingdom Hearts 3D screens we posted earlier (see this story) had our first look at the game's Traverse Town world, Fantasia world, and (although not officially announced yet), Tron Legacy component.

There were also some new Dream Eaters and gameplay elements in there, so let's take a look!


Depending on the type, Dream Eaters serve as either your companions -- Spirits -- or your foes -- Nightmares. Square Enix showed art and screens for two of each today.

On the Nightmare side are Obake Piero (Ghoul Clown) and Hasami Kuwagata (Scissor Beetle). Obake Piero can lick you to make you immobile for a while. Hasami Kuwagata is good with guarding and long-range attacks. If you get caught up in the explosions from his mines, your commands are locked out.

On the Spirit side are Handsome Pegasus and Tsunoceratops (Horn Ceratpos... that's like "ceratpos" as in triceratops). Tsunoceratops attacks its foes with its big horns. Handsome Pegasus uses the power of wind for her attacks.


Spirits have link attacks which they perform with your character once you've built up your link gauge. Tsunoceratops turns into a spiked ball, which you ride to deal damage to the enemy.

In addition to solo link attacks, you can also have your two Spirit Dream Eaters team up for a Dual Link. The actual attack you get depends on the Spirits in your party at the time. To unleash the attack, you tap the spirit mark which appears on the bottom screen when both Spirits' link gauge has filled up.

Dual Links shown below include Comet, Wonder Jamboree, and Union Rush.

Riku and Sora can also unleash special Ability Links with their Spirits. These are unlocked as you advance in the game.


Finally, a look at the game's Reality Shift system. Reality Shifts are world specific skills. Below are some screens from "Wonder Comic," the Reality Shift from Country of the Musketeers. Input the proper commands, and comic book Micky, Donald and Goofy will attack for you.

Be sure and view our gallery for screens of the worlds and characters.

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