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Imageepoch PS3 RPG Tokitowa's Battles Have Action Elements

Marriage is a keyword in Tokitowa.

We'll be getting a first look at Imageepoch's PlayStation 3 RPG Tokitowa later tonight during the company's JRPG Declaration 2012 press conference. But before that, Famitsu has a few details as part of a dialogue between CEO Ryoei Mikage, Tokitowa producer Kay Hirono (Namco Bandai), and Tales series producer Makoto Yoshizumi (Namco Bandai).

Yoshizumi said that upon seeing a video of the game he felt that they were doing something incredible.

He also provided some hints about what we can expect from the gameplay, one of the more mysterious parts from last week's announcement. The game's battle system will not be the type where you select commands from a menu. It will have action elements. Also, the element of "time" will have a role in the battle system in unexpected ways.

The theme of the game is time, said Yoshizumi ("Toki" means time). An important keyword is marriage (your character and the main heroine are married). The game will be full of serious, sexy and comical elements.

There are currently no plans to make the game into a series, said Yoshizumi. However, he does not want the game to end with this first title.

For details on how you can watch the Tokitowa debut trailer during today's Imageepoch press conference, see this story.

We'll get to see this move later tonight!

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