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Tales of Innocence R Ending Hints at Another Remake


Tales of Innocence R officially hit retail today, but some Tales fans managed to pick it up in advance and sped all the way through the ending.

Here's what Tales-focused gaming blog Tokkurin found at the end of the credits (don't worry, it's not a spoiler for Tales of Innocence R):

The text "To be continued to Next Re-imagination!" seems to suggest that Namco Bandai will be doing more "R" style remakes, possibly on Vita since the notice comes in a Vita game.

Will it be Tales of Tempest R? Tales of Hearts R? Tales of Symphonia R?

Tokkurin points out that Hearts does have a large number of cameo characters in Innocence R's battle coliseum. Alternatively, Namco Bandai could be planning something to tie into the Symphonia "THE UNITED WORLD" OVA, whose first of two volumes was released in November of last year.

This year's Teals of Festival fan event will be held on June 2. It's likely that we'll get details on future developments for the series around that time.

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