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How to Take Part in Samurai & Dragons' Beta Test

Sega accepting 20,000 participants to test play upcoming Vita title.


Sega announced details today on the Samurai & Dragons beta test that was first mentioned in Famitsu earlier in the week.

To play the Vita title ahead of its March 29 release, you'll need to put your name down via PlayStation Store. Getting in may not be too difficult, as Sega will accept 20,000 participants.

To sign up for the beta, access PlayStation Store from today through February 8 via your Vita and download the Samurai & Dragon Beta Participation Raffle Ticket (サムライ&ドラゴンズ クローズドβ参加抽選券). Anyone with a PlayStation Vita can participate.

The test period will run from February 16 through February 29.

As detailed yesterday, Samurai & Dragons will be available as a free-to-play download on March 29. A package version with bonus items will be released on April 26 at ¥3,990.

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