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PlayStation Vita's First Hello Kitty Game Arrives in June

Put your Vita's pink power to the test.


My Sanrio news letter stopped coming months ago, so it's possible that I'm missing the point here, but it seems that PlayStation Vita's first Hello Kitty game may not actually have Hello Kitty in it.

Hello Kitty to Issyo: Block Crash (With Hello Kitty: Block Crash) is a block crash/crush game where you play as fashionable girls... who possibly have something to do with Hello Kitty. I really don't know... maybe you should ask your little sister?

This first Vita "Hello Kitty" game will see release on June 7, priced ¥4,800.

Here are some exclusive (in the sense that I don't think anyone else will bother posting them) screenshots.

The game's official site is a bit sparse right now, so here's a trailer for PSP's Hello Kitty to Issyo! Block Crash 123!!!.

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