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Front Mission Creator's Dragon Ark Available on iOS Today


GREE first announced Dragon Ark just a couple of weeks ago, but the game is all set to go! GREE announced today that the game is now available for iOS. An Android version is also in the works.

Dragon Ark is the first game from Toshihiro Tsuchida as a GREE employee. Tsuchida is regarded as the creator of the Arc the Lad and Front Mission series. He left Square Enix and joined GREE in early 2011.

The game is split into strategy and action parts. Up to four players can team up for the action parts, even over a 3G connection. Each player chooses a job, then the whole team challenges a dungeon together, collecting resources and cards from defeated monsters.

Jobs include warrior, archer, cleric and mage. Each job type has its own weapons: sword and axe for warrior, bow and arrow for archer, mace for cleric and rod for mage.

The resources and monsters you collect during the action part are used in the strategy component. The strategy component makes players "master" of a castle, which they fortify and use to expand their territory by defeating neighboring countries. The game's worlds/servers can have 20,000 player connected simultaneously.

The "castle" that you manage is a roving castle, pulled by a giant dragon. In the game's world of Arcania, a weather condition called "tempest" has lead to strife and war. People use these castles to deal with threats by invading neighboring lands. The goal is to eventually defeat the eight dragons that rule over the world.

As with all GREE games, Dragon Ark is free to play. Access the game's official site here.

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