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Ace Attorney 5 Development Announced

Plus, more Ace Attorney on iOS and Android!


Capcom has at long last confirmed that Ace Attorney 5 is in development. The announcement came during the series' 10th anniversary event earlier today.

Outside of the logo, no details on platform and release time frame were announced.

iOS and Android users can also look forward to more Ace Attorney. Capcom announced Ace Attorney 123HD for the mobile platforms. This set combines parts 1 through 3 of the Ace Attorney series, remastered with higher resolution artwork.

The game will be released shortly on iOS, with an Android version following. The first two chapters will be free, with additional chapter packs running 600 yen. Or, you can buy the full game for ¥1,200. Those who already have Ace Attorney on iOS will be able to upgrade their current scenarios to the HD version.

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