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Idolmaster Gravure 4 You Vol.7: Summer School Girl


The theme for Volume 7 of Namco Bandai's Idolmaster gravure series Idolmaster Gravure 4 You is "Summer School Girl."

This is what a "summer school girl" looks like:

Joining this so-called "Rough Time School" outfit is this Exercisewear Neo outfit:

Idolmaster fans will find a special treat in Volume 7 of Gravure 4 You. 876 Productions' Ai Hidaka will appear as a "special idol." You'll be able to take pics of her in the Exercisewear Neo outfit.

Gravure 4 You! Vol.7 will be released on April 26, priced the usual ¥9,980. It will include volumes 18 through 20 of the Idolmaster anime Blu-ray (or maybe it's the other way around...).

View a video of Vol.7 here:

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