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Sony's New CEO Aims For Top Position in Games Market

Hirai speaks at PlayStation Vita's launch late last year.

Kaz Hirai is set to become Sony's new CEO on April 1. But he was already in the spotlight today at Sony's quarterly earnings briefing.

According to Mantanweb, Hirai declared Sony's intention to claim the number one position in digital imaging and games.

Hirai listed digital imaging (which includes digital cameras), games and mobile as areas that Sony hopes to strengthen as core businesses. He hopes to use profits from PS3, PSP and PS Vita as investment into the company's mobile business.

In the third quarter (October 1 through December 31), Sony Corporation saw a net loss of $2,038 million on sales of $23,370 million.

The quarter saw sales of 6.5 million PS3 systems, bringing the system to 62 million units life to date, and 2.4 million PSP systems, brining the system to 61.3 million units life to date.

View Sony's full earnings report at its investor relations page.

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