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New DoDonPachi: Dress in Bikinis For Increased Difficulty


DoDonPachi Saidaioujou is now on location test, allowing us to see just what the "dress" system Cave mentioned at the game's announcement last week is all about.

Sure enough, the dress system involves dressing your character up in clothing of your choice. This isn't just for show, though, as the type of dress affects gameplay.

Materials shared at the location test show three dress types and the changes they bring to your weapons:

Battle Clothes
Strengthens your shot strength and range, starts you off with three bombs, and gives you maximum six bomb slots.
Personal Clothes
Strengthens your laser power, starts you off with two bombs, and gives you maximum four bomb slots.
This strengthens both your laser and shot. However, enemy attacks become more intense. Also, you start off with just one bomb and have maximum bomb capacity of one.

(The difference between a shot and a laser is that the shot goes out in multiple directions while a laser goes out straight.)

The Bikini outfit is said to be for expert players only.

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