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Konami and 7-Eleven are holding a cross promotion for New Love Plus, the new 3DS entry in the Love Plus girlfriend simulation series.

The collaboration includes a number of promotions:

Three giant "girlfriends" will appear in Akihabara starting February 14. What this means is that you can take a picture of a poster in front of the Akihabara 7-Elevens using your iOS or Android ARAPPLI program, and you'll see a giant 7m 11cm girlfriend against the shop background. The girls will be offering chocolate to you. All of this is digital, of course, but the 7-Eleven shop will also be giving away free chocolate in limited quantities.

From February 14 through February 29, 7-Eleven's 7-Spot download service will distribute a 7-Eleven date location for use in New Love Plus. The location data also includes an original 7-Eleven themed scenario, complete with voice.

Also from February 14 through February 29, 7-Eleven will hold a New Love Plus Girlfriend Janken (Paper Rock Scissors) Tournament. This is done through your DS. Win janken three times against your girlfriend, and you'll get an original clear file.

7-Eleven is also giving out wallpapers showing the girls in 7-Eleven uniforms. These can be downloaded to your PC, tablet computer or smartphone when you access 7-Spot.

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