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Surge Concerto To Have Paid Monthly Download Chapters


I'm not totally sure if this is a legit source, but a retailer is claiming that Gust's original PlayStation Vita title Surge Concerto is being designed with paid monthly downloads in mind.

Buy the game's main release (which will be offered in package and download form), and you'll get just the first chapter. Additional chapters will be distributed monthly, priced ¥500 each.

This may not be as bad as it sounds, as the first chapter is said to offer over one month play time. The retailer is not sure about the length of the subsequent chapters.

Gust apparently intends to build up the game in this fashion for over one year. There are also apparently some plans for a possible PlayStation 3 version, and for the two versions to link up.

This information was apparently distributed to retailers by Gust. We'll hopefully get some form of confirmation with this week's Dengeki or Famitsu.

Surge Concerto is a simulation game where you interact with Ion, a girl who's lost her memory. She exists in a world on the other side of your PlayStation Vita screen.

A retail leak from Amazon last week revealed that Ion exists in her own twenty-four hour time cycle. Depending on when you access the game, you'll see her eating, sleeping, or taking a bath. She may not respond to you when you call out to her. However, as your relationship deepens, Ion will come to match your lifestyle rhythm.

Outside of the downloadable chapters, it seems that Gust is leaving open the possibility of download items. The game's first print run will include a serial code for downloading customize clothing and accessories for Ion.

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