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Namco Bandai released a bunch of screens today showing off the various modes for Tekken 3D Prime Edition. Take a look below.

Special Survival

A survival mode where you see how long you can survive on one life bar. Depending on how quickly you defeat your opponent, you recover a bit at the end of the match. Perfect your opponent, and you'll start off the next match in Rage state.

Initially, you have access to just a five battle mode. Clear this, and you'll unlock ten and twenty battle modes. The 10th and 20th battles are special matches where you can only do damage to your enemies through aerial combo attacks.

As you win battles, you'll unlock Tekken cards. Clear the mode and you'll get CP.

Versus Battle

A mode where you play against others via either local play or internet play.

Quick Battle

Face off against 10 CPU opponents. You'll earn greater CP depending on the difficulty setting.


Practice the basic moves and special skills for each character.

Tekken Card

View your Tekken Cards and exchange them with friends via Street Pass. The cards have character images and illustrations from past Tekken games through Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and scenes from the Blood Vengeance movie.

For Street Pass, you can create a set of three cards which will be exchanged with passers by. Cards that you receive through Street Pass can be unlocked by exchanging your CP.

The game has over 700 Tekken Cards waiting to be collected.


Edit your profile and view your records. You can also change character color and access a character viewer.


Set things like controls, difficulty, time limit, sound and other areas.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.