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Yakuza Black Cat Screens

Collect cats, and pics of hot girls, in the new Yakuza game.


As promised, here's a pic of Yakuza Black Panther 2's main character Tatsuya Ukyo surrounded by cats.

Tatsuya is at a cat cafe. Yes, such places actually exist.

In Black Panther 2, in addition to the cat cafe location, you'll be able to take on a cat search quest from Tsukahara, the man who runs the fighting arena. He's lost 102 cats, and entrusts you to find them. You'll need to make use of the Cat Map that he gives you and listen closely for meows (or whatever Japanese cats say).

Outside of cat collection, you can also collect trading cards of hot models. As previously announced, the game has a tie-up with Miss Magazine. You can collect cards from around town and use these to assemble sexy pics of the Miss Magazine girls.

Don't worry Yakuza fans, Black Panther 2 also has stuff like this:

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