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Falcom Details Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution


Falcom and Chara-ani held a press conference today to make a more formal announcement of The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution for PlayStation Vita.

Most of the details appeared earlier in the week via Dengeki PlayStation, but there were a new bits mentioned during the press conference. Here's what Falcom says is "evolved" about the game:

  • Main scenario is now in full voice
  • 157 characters have voices
  • The game has over 20,000 voice patterns, the highest in Falcom history
  • 74 arranged or newly recorded songs
  • Theme song Way of Life newly recorded
  • New sub quests
  • New animation movies
  • Graphics optimized for high resolution monitor
  • New mini games, including Darts 501, Clock Memory and Coro Coro Misshi. These use Vita-like controls.
  • Touch controls for menus

Evolution will be released in the Summer, priced ¥6,040 at retail and ¥5,040 as a download.

Visit the official site here. Famitsu.com has first screens.

From a trailer that was shown at the event.

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