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High sell-through for Ragnarok Odyssey; Soul Calibur V falls behind predecessor

Ragnarok Odyssey will be updated post release with online play.

Gung-Ho and Gamearts' action RPG Ragnarok Odyssey gave PlayStation Vita its second top ten Media Create software chart placement in as many weeks with 33,496 unit sales. The game appears to be exceeding initial expectations, as Media Create reports a high sell-through rate of 83.2%.

A sell-through rate this high usually indicates sell-outs. Media Create reports that some shops did sell out of the game on launch day. The 83.2% sell-through is the highest yet for PlayStation Vita, according to Media Create.

Outside of Ragnarok, Tales of Innocence R made it into the top 50 at 14. Hot Shots Golf 6, the Vita's top seller to date, made it in at 49.

The top selling game for the week was Resident Evil Revelations. Soul Calibur V was the top newcomer, with the PS3 version placing second in the sales chart. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of SCV combined for 42,000 units (34,000 on PS3, 8,000 on Xbox 360), below the 109,000 (75,000 PS3, 35,000 Xbox 360) first week sales of Soul Calibur IV in July 2008.

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