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What it's like to summon Hatsune Miku to your desk

Plus, more Nico Nico style comment shots and more costumes from the 3DS Miku game.


Japanese scientists have yet to perfect the technology for making super cute SD virtual idols spring to life on your desk (and keep you company when you're all by yourself on Valentines Day). So for the time being, we'll have to rely on the 3DS AR feature and Hatsune Miku Future Stars (not in time for a lonely Valentines Day though -- Miku hits 3DS on March 8).

This is what it will look like when you summon Hatsune Miku in the upcoming rhythm game.

She'll perform on the top of your desk (or wherever else you place the AR card), and in the end you'll be able to snap a 3D picture.

In addition to selecting a frame for the picture, you can call out your Miis for a group pic.

The game's official blog was also updated today with screens showing the game's comment feature. See this story for details.

We'll get a video showing the comment and AR features shortly. Until then, take a look at these costume pics.

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