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The latest details on Surge Concerto are pretty much assured. But what other surprises can we expect from Gust next month?

We already detailed the "Secret Stage: Two Presents" stage that Gust will be holding at the Dengeki fan festival event in Akihabara on March 18. The mention of "secret" and "presents" suggested that there would be some surprise announcements for the event, and now we have even more evidence that this is the case.

As reported at Dengeki today, attendees of the stage event will be given a special card. This card has a download code which can be input at PlayStation Store to download an exclusive piece of content for the systems' PlayView digital reader. This is where you'll get the latest information on Gust's upcoming titles, including some possible surprising scoops.

The stage event itself will include appearances by Mai Kakuma, voice actress of Ion, the main character of Gust's recent PlayStation Vita announcement, Surge Concerto. Atelier series director Yoshito Okamura will also be at the event.

Space is limited for the stage event. To put your name down, visit the event official site.

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