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Get Your Love Plus Tools AR Cards

Take pics of life size versions of your digital girlfriends now!


New Love Plus won't be released until tomorrow, but you can get somewhat of a sampling right now via Love Plus Tools. While this 200 yen 3DS e-Shop download is primarily meant for importing your DS Love Plus and Love Plus + data into New Love Plus, it also has an AR photo mode.

To use the photo mode, you'll need to download AR marker cards from Konami's AR marker card page. The page has two basic types: cards that are placed on a flat surface, and cards that are meant to stand. Print them on, respectively, A4 and A3 size paper, and you'll end up with a life-size version of your favorite girlfriend.

While the cards show one of the girls, the actual girl who pops up is dependent on what you've selected in the menu's Girlfriend Select option.

The cards with the multi colored silhouette images are meant for use with the New Love Plus girlfriend export feature. You'll need a copy of the game to use these.

Konami will be releasing new AR markers every Monday. The site has a section for "Special AR markers," including collaborations, so we'll probably get some of these in future updates.

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