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Love Plus: Konami Starts Paid Girlfriend E-mail Service


Konami is once again blurring the lines between virtual girlfriend and extremely creepy virtual girlfriend. Coinciding with tomorrow's release of New Love Plus on 3DS, Konami will start the "New Love Plus Girlfriend Mail" service.

Using this service, you'll be able to receive e-mails from your New Love Plus girlfriend. The girls will send you e-mails about their daily happenings, chatter about the seasons, and so-forth.

This actually isn't a totally new service. Konami had a similar e-mail service through its Konami DX mobile portal, but that was only usable on feature phones. The New Love Plus Girlfriend Mail version is compatible with feature phones, smart phones and your PC.

The service can be made to link up with your copy of New Love Plus. By uploading your save data to Konami's servers, the e-mails will use your game nickname. You'll also receive exclusive mails from your girl on special days.

New Love Plus Girlfriend Mail is a paid service. Konami is charging ¥315 per month or ¥945 per three months (don't bother trying to find savings in the three month plan -- it's just the one month plan multiplied by three).

To commemorate the release of New Love Plus, the service will be free initially. Full paid service will start in mid March.

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