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Square Enix Seeks Dragon Quest X "Second Package" Staff


Dragon Quest X's beta test may not be far off. In a post at Square Enix's recruitment page today, producer Yosuke Saito said that the development staff is in the middle of clearing out bugs from the game in anticipation of the beta test. While the post went live today, it was written back on the 20th.

The post was actually part of a job solicitation. Square Enix is seeking programmers and planners to work on the game. The planners cover such things as events, battle, world, user interface and "live" (this appears to be things related to the creation of MMORPG game content).

Saito refers to the new staff as "2nd Package Development Staff." The staff will work not on the things that the current staff is working on, but on things that will be released a bit in the future. If you consider the currently announced Dragon Quest X as the game's "1st package," the new staff is for the "2nd package," which comes next.

Access the recruitment page here.

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