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PS3 Aquapazza Conversion Set for June

2D crossover arcade fighter confirmed for PS3 release.

Screenshot from the arcade version.

Aqua Plus did not share any details on the home conversion of arcade crossover fighter Aquapazza at its announcement late last year. Now thanks to Famitsu we know that the game is coming to PlayStation 3 and will be released in June.

The home conversion includes all the characters from the arcade version, plus at least four more:

  • Chizuru Kashiwagi (from Kizuato)
  • Oboro (from Utawareru Mono)
  • Serika Kurusugawa (from To Heart)
  • Llyr (or Suiru, from Tears to Tiara)

Serika and Llyr appear as partner characters.

Modes of play for the PS3 version include story mode, network battle, score attack, gallery, and a training mode that's improved over the arcade version. The conversion is currently 80% complete.

Arcade version screenshots.

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