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Binary Domain: More Yakuza Crossovers and Corporate Tie-ups

Kazuma Kiryu is not alone in Ryu ga Gotoku Studio's new action title.


Yakuza series main character Kazuma Kiryu's crossover appearance in Binary Domain was announced long ago. It turns out that he won't be alone.

Sega announced today that Shun Akiyama, Ryuji Goda and Goro Majima will also appear in the game. Like Kazuma, the three other Yakuza heroes will be usable in the game's online multiplayer mode. Each will come in government and resistance forms.

The release of the three characters is being staggered. PS3 buyers will get Akiyama on February 28, Goda on March 6 and Majima on March 13. Xbox 360 buyers will get all three on March 13. The characters will be free.

Sega also shared screens of some of the game's corporate tie-ups. We already detailed the Cup Noodle tie-up. In grand Yakuza tradition, there's a lot more, with signage from brands like Bridgestone and Toyoko Inn. Take a look at some pics that 4Gamer uploaded today.

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