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Arc Brings Downloadable Visual Novel True Remembrance to 3DS


Arc System Works shared details today on True Remembrance: Fragment of Memory, a downloadable 3DS visual novel that will be released to the e-Shop next week.

True Remembrance tells the story Kurome and a mysterious girl named Ra in a world where people suffer from Setsua Disease, an illness that fills one with sad memories. The game is set in a city populated from those that suffer from Setsuna Disease, and the specialists who have the ability to help them seal away the sad memories.

The game promises a simple control scheme, allowing you to progress through the story's text by either button presses or touch. Saving is automatic, and you can also access a log to remind yourself of past happenings.

Clear certain conditions, and you'll be able to unlock a bonus mode where chibi versions of the characters will converse.

True Remembrance will be released on February 22, priced ¥500. The game has five save slots and does not support stereoscopic 3D output.

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