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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Radiant Garden and More AR Cards


A few new bits on Kingdom Hearts 3D have surfaced from the latest issue of V Jump (not to be confused with Weekly Shounen Jump, which provided our first full look at the game's Tron Legacy world earlier in the week).

V Jump has a first look at the Radiant Garden world, where you'll meet many members of Organization XIII. Screenshots show Organization XIII members appearing in their original forms as Lea (Axel), Ienzo (Zexion) and Aeleus (Lexaeus), complete with street clothes.

The magazine also has a mention on where you can get an additional AR card for use with the game. The Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream World Navigation guide, from Jump publisher Shueisha, will include a special AR card. We're not sure what this card will do yet, but the game's first print run edition is set to come with an AR card that can be read into the game to unlock a rare Dream Eater.

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