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Bakemonogatari Conversion Set for PSP

Latest light novel/anime conversion from Namco Bandai.


Namco Bandai's latest PSP conversion for a light novel that's also an anime is for Nisio Isin's Bakemonogatari.

Dengeki PlayStation reveals this week that a PSP conversion of the vampire-themed franchise will be released under the expected name of Bakemonogatari Portable. The conversion will feature 3D polygon characters, recreations of scenes from the anime, and two player support via ad-hoc (it's unclear if this is for co-op, battle, or both).

The game's genre is listed as "Under Investigation." Rather than indicating that Namco Bandai is currently considering what genre to classify the game under, this may actually be the genre.

Bakemonogatari Portable will be released on August 23, priced ¥6,280 for its regular package and ¥9,980 for its limited edition.

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