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Imageepoch Announcing New Title Next Week

Studio's next new title of 2012 following Tokitowa.

Tokitowa has 3D worlds and hand drawn characters.

Imageepoch's first new title announcement for 2012 was Tokitowa, a PlayStation 3 RPG that promises to blend 3D and hand drawn visuals like never before. Before we've gotten a proper look at the new game, though, we'll be hearing news about the studio's second new title for the year.

CEO Ryoei Mikage revealed at Twitter today that next week's Famitsu will contain announcement of the next title. He did not provide any further details.

Next week's Famitsu officially hits on the 8th. Before that, this week's Famitsu hits on the 1st.

Regarding Tokitowa, we've only gotten brief looks at the game, and few details about the battle system. Famitsu often pairs new product reveals with followup reports on previously announced product, so it's possible that next week's reveal will offer an update on Tokitowa.

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