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New Gust Title in Next Dengeki PlayStation

Will the next Atelier game be announced in the coming weeks?


Adding more "fuel" to the "fire," Dengeki PlayStation flying getters are reporting that this week's issue of the magazine promises a first look at a new Gust title for its next issue.

Dengeki PlayStation is biweekly. That means information from the next issue will probably leak out on the 20th.

The fire Dengeki's promise is fueling concerns strong hints that a Gust stage show planned for Dengeki's upcoming fan festival in Akihabara will see a new title announcement. With Atelier series director Yoshito Okamura set to appear at the event, the popular speculation is that we'll get news of the next main entry in the Atelier series following Atelier Meruru, which was itself announced at the same Dengeki event last year.

The Dengeki fan festival will be held on the 18th, timed nicely for a more lengthy reveal in the following Dengeki PlayStation.

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