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Surge Concerto: Take Pics of Bar Codes to Restore Ion's Memory

The Surge Concerto cast grows with rocket breast girl Kanon!

The teaser images Gust shared for Surge Concerto before its announcement showed mysterious bar codes. The connection with the game was revealed in Dengeki this week.

The magazine's latest preview details a character growth system. By taking pictures of bar codes, you can create fairy characters known as "sharls." As you raise your fairies, you'll find that main character Ion's memory is recovered.

We're not sure of the specifics on how you raise the fairies. It seems that you can given them HymP, which is short for "Human Points." With HymP, the fairies will get new costumes and accessories, allowing you to customize them.

Gust finally explains what these fairy characters are all about.

Outside of the growth component, Dengeki introduces a new character, Kanon. While Kanon is a genius girl and a candidate for the next emperor, most early attention based off artwork in Dengeki appears to be falling on her impossibly large and gravity defying chest. (The term people seem to be using is "rocket breasts" ... you'll understand once you've seen the artwork).

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